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Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits

Puppies need stimulation, social interaction and sometimes just a cuddle and a play to keep them happy. Puppy visits can make sure your new best friend will grow up to be a happy, well-adjusted young dog!

Left alone for long periods of time puppies will develop a catalogue of behavioural problems such as barking issues, chewing, and aggression. These are common outcomes of dogs who are lacking in stimulation. They become bored, nervous, lonely and scared and they show this by displaying destructive behaviours.

Puppy visits by Happydays Petcare

Puppy care is often neglected by new owners who then have to deal with these problems later on while wondering why their dog has these behaviours in the first place.

Happy Days Pet Care can arrange regular puppy visits to give your little pup the attention they deserve and make sure that they grow up to be a fine, upstanding member of the canine community!

We are also experienced with puppy training and offer this with regular puppy visits if required.

Puppy Visit Prices

 Monday - FridayWeekends/Bank Holiday
1 home dog visit (per day)£9.00£12.50
2 home dog visits (per day)£15.00£20.00
1/2 hour puppy visit£11.00£15.00

Your new best friend deserves a puppy visit from Happydays petcare