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Cat Visits

Cat Visits

We love our feline friends and a great way to look after them is with Happy Days cat visits!

Happy Days Pet Care offer house visits for when you are away from home. We will visit your house to feed, refill water, change the cat litter and care for your cat. We will talk to them, play with them and generally make a fuss of them.

Harrogate Petcare Cat Visits


A great alternative to the cattery

Animals need routine, and disruption can cause anxiety. Rather than placing your pets in unfamiliar catteries, Happy Days offers a professional and reliable alternative for the care of your cat in their own home.


Cat Visit Prices

 Monday - FridayWeekends/Bank Holidays
1 cat visit (per day)£7.00£11.00
2 car visits (per day)£11.00£15